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If you are searching for a trusted and reliable RF welding machine supplier, MarkPeri is the go-to source for all of your industrial Radio Frequency Equipment, RF Heat sealing, RF Welding and 3KRF sealing needs. Not only do we provide the highest quality RF welding machines, but we are also deeply committed to delivering superior customer service that builds long-term relationships with our customers. FIND OUT MORE  >


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Sik Oner Toltec
Sik Oner Toltec
18:00 20 Sep 19
Awesome solid state machines. RF Welding machines are amazing. Sales/ service / repairs!! Internationally recognized leaders in RF welding.
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Solid State 3KRF Welding
The Next Generation RF Sealing

Using our advanced Crystal Oscillator Technology, the 3KRF is capable of process control that is not achievable through standard tube style machines. These process control advantages have catapulted us to the top of the Medical industry with real time process parameters and validation capabilities.

Via our advanced tuning methods we are able to reduce the power needed to weld by sometimes 50% at the same time lowering and in some cases eliminating arcing. This patented technology has changed the RF market place and we are continuing to push the technology to furthermore change the landscape of the plastic joining industry.

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