3KRF Solid State Equipment

3KRF Technology

MarkPeri developed solid state 3KRF technology as a means of furthering manufacturing capabilities in the ever-evolving plastic joining industry.

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From meeting the demand for higher quality products to overcoming the challenges of working with new materials, our solid state 3KRF sealers are an invaluable tool capable of saving you time and money while increasing productivity. We make a wide variety of 3KRF welding machines with solid state technology. Our machines feature custom configurations to efficiently tackle your specific precision sealing applications.

Since 1981 until this day, MarkPeri has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of new, used and rebuilt radio frequency welding equipment. As the inventor of solid state technology, we’re uniquely equipped to outfit your operation with cutting-edge 3KRF sealers. Our team of expert 3KRF mechanics, designers and engineers will assist in analyzing your requirements to provide the most economical and effective solution for modernizing your sealing capabilities.

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    Solid state technology means the ability to increase weld strength and quality while decreasing sealing cycle times. We offer an array of standard 3KRF medical  sealers with solid state technology, and we can also provide a custom design matched to your applications and requirements. Units come available with quick-change tooling to increase production and can be PLC controlled to monitor sealing throughout the entire process.

    Products featured in our inventory include:

    • Belt welding machines — Our 3KRF belt welders are capable of cutting in half the amount of time required in welding flights and cleats. From belt splicing to sidewalls, the 3KRF sealer technology increases production while reducing arcing that causes material waste.
    • 3KRF front-loading shuttle machines — We designed our solid state medical welder shuttle machines with a crystal oscillator that generates a precise power frequency. The easy loading shuttle system shortens feeding times and is adaptable for use as an automated 3KRF sealer.
    • Solid state double cycle 3KRF turntable machines — A rotary system is designed to speed manufacturing capabilities of complex medical products with improved consistency and control. The double process eliminates the need for a second unit in the production of bags with tubes sealed into them. MarkPeri offers the only 3KRF sealing machines that let you monitor exactly how much power is being applied in the sealing area throughout the welding cycle.


    3KRF technology has opened the door to innovation in the plastic sealing industry. Capable of faster precision welding that produces a stronger, longer-lasting and more attractive seal, it’s been used for manufacturing an extensive range of medical products. We’ve built hundreds of different 3KRF sealers for welding:

    • Blood bags, IV bags, urinary drainage bags and body bags
    • Blood pressure cuffs and wound evacuation pumps
    • Water mattresses, pulsating air mattresses and air inflated splints
    • Patient ID bracelets and tags
    • Environmental chambers and suites
    • Hazardous waste containment systems
    • Stretcher covers, bed covers and mobile clean rooms

    Whether you’re interested in upgrading your existing system, building a customized sealing machine or supplying your automation house with full inline sealing capabilities, MarkPeri has you covered. Give us a call or get in touch with us by email today for additional information on our complete line of 3KRF equipment.