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Let MarkPeri International, Inc. Improve Your Radio Frequency Operations. Radio Frequency (RF) welding/sealing consists of a technology that has been widely used for over 60 years for many different industry applications. Select Your Industry Below To See How MarkPeri Can Help You Get The Best Return On Your Investment.

Medical Applications

medical industries that use rf frequency weldingMedical RF welding services create the following types of products:

  • Containment bags for intravenous drugs, blood and saline
  • Pressure cuffs for blood pressure machines
  • Mattress covers that prevent contamination
  • Oxygen bags
  • Dust covers
  • Bags for storing and keeping medical tools sterile

Medical Applications


Military Applications

military application for welding
Military operations require the use of products that have strong, durable seams and reliability. With the use of military RF welding equipment and materials that can be similar or a combination of different materials, the products have the ability to resist tears and pressure points, prevent the leakage of fluids and gases or resist extreme variances in hot and cold temperatures.

Military Applications


Automotive Industry

automotive weldingThe automotive industry has assimilated radio frequency welding into its manufacturing process for a variety of products, including mechanic work stations, spray paint booths for workers, car wash curtain walls and other products with strong seams. These seams can withstand the rigors of day-to-day use for a broad range of applications in this environment, which makes using automotive RF welding machines an attractive option. Easy cleaning of the seams contributes to indoor air quality by reducing mold build-up on the seams.

Automotive Industry Applications


Recreational Applications

recreational uses for rf weldingSimilar to other industries, companies in the recreational field can benefit from the versatility offered by RF welding, whether for indoor or outdoor applications. A few good examples of radio frequency welding uses for recreational applications are the huge vinyl curtains used in indoor tennis in schools, gymnasium and sporting complexes, park districts and country club facilities. These products separate courts and playing fields, protect people from fast-moving balls and objects, cordon off baseball batting cages and block the wind and other elements.

Recreational Applications

Finding a Reliable RF Supplier/Manufacturer

Establishing a partnership with an experienced, trusted and reliable supplier and manufacturer can help you optimize the productivity of your RF welding and heat sealing operation and increase revenues and profits.

Whether you need new RF Welders, used RF sealers, used RF Welders or remanufactured RF Welding equipment, contact us to purchase a product or service.

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