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When you’re in the market for radio frequency sealing machines for industrial, medical or automotive applications, MarkPeri is a comprehensive source for all of your needs.

As leading innovator in RF and 3KRF technology, we offer the highest quality new and used radio frequency sealing equipment, parts and services backed by superior customer service and support.

MarkPeri offers a broad selection of traditional RF welding equipment, heat sealing machines and 3KRF technology to meet your diverse project requirements. Our custom design capabilities mean we’re able to deliver equipment that’s designed, modified or adapted to your specific needs.

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    MarkPeri radio frequency sealing equipment is integral in:

    • Industry Manufacturing — Our MarkPeri RF welders are a valuable asset in the manufacturing and sealing of a variety of high-quality products. Common packaging applications include everything from blister sealing and clam shell sealing to sealing clear fold boxes and loose-leaf binders. Whether you make photo albums, checkbooks, id tag holders, pool liners, inflatable toys or camping accessories, our radio frequency sealing helps get the job done fast and effectively.
    • Medical Products — The medical industry relies on 3KRF technology welders used in sealing applications on materials such as PVC, EVA or polyurethane. These specialized, high-end radio frequency sealing machines reduce power consumption and welding times while delivering increased precision in manufacturing items such as blood bags, blood separation systems, blood pressure cuffs, in vitro feeding bags and a wide variety of other medical products.
    • Automotive Applications — There are many items used in automotive manufacturing that call for RF sealing to ensure long-lasting and safe performance. Our RF equipment helps seal parts for the automotive industry such as door panels, sun visors, heel pads and floor mats. From convertible tops to embossed upholstery, MarkPeri technology is integral in achieving the strong and durable seal required.


    MarkPeri is an equipment supplier and manufacturer with a complete inventory of solutions that help maximize productivity in RF welding and heat-sealing operations. We’re at the forefront of technology in the following categories:

    • Traditional RF Sealing and Heat Sealing — We use machines ranging from 1.2kW to 100kW to manufacture cutting-edge industrial radio frequency and RF welding equipment. Our team of skilled electrical, mechanical and RF engineers are constantly pushing the envelope in developing state-of-the-art solutions in traditional RF welding and heat sealing applications. No matter the type of product or size, or your budget, we have the technology to exactly meet your RF sealing equipment requirements.
    • 3KRF Technology — 3KRF delivers the flexibility to go beyond the capabilities of standard tube style sealing machines by using a cutting-edge crystal oscillator. The patented technology is integral in sealing a wide range of disposable medical products. We offer real-time process parameters and validation capabilities that set us apart in the industry. Our 3KRF radio frequency sealing reduces power consumption in welding applications by as much as 50% while practically eliminating arcing in many applications.

    Learn more about our impressive range of manufacturing capabilities and line of new and used RF sealing machines. In addition to MarkPeri radio frequency sealing machines, we also carry products from other leading brands such as Alloyd, Callanan, Kabar, Thermatron, Cosmos, HFT, A&G, Kiefel, Fiab, Hall Dielectric, Heisen and Nemeth. Give us a call today for a customized solution that makes sense for your business!

    Radio Frequency Welding

    Radio frequency welding, also known as high-frequency welding, is a process that fuses materials by applying radio frequency energy to the joining area. When the materials reach a point when the heat melts them, the two surfaces meld together. The result is the materials staying fused with a secure weld.

    An ideal radio frequency weld is airtight and will not lose its integrity under the most extreme conditions.

    While heat sealing and radio-frequency welding are similar in theory, there are differences. Heat sealing joins materials with direct pressure and heat from a die that contacts the materials. During radio frequency welding, no heat source directly touches the materials.

    High-Frequency Welding Applications

    Radio frequency welding systems typically consist of a generator and a press. The generator creates the radiowaves that join the materials while the press compresses both melted materials together. Precise pressure levels are essential to achieving an effective weld.

    The two most common types of high-frequency welding machines are rotary radio frequency welders and shuttle radio frequency welders. The main difference between these two systems is how the joining materials move through the equipment. Rotary welders use a turntable to rotate the material through the welding station, while shuttle welders depend on a plate to slide the substrate.

    The sealing dies in the presses typically consist of brass or aluminum.

    Some materials that work well in high-frequency welding include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

    Radio frequency welding is often more efficient in high-volume manufacturing. Several examples of typical applications are:

    • Automotive and transportation.
    • Industrial-use curtain walls.
    • Vinyl binder covers.
    • Medical plasma bags.
    • Document and filing sleeves.
    • Vinyl banners and signage.
    • Commercial products.

    Benefits of Radio Frequency Welders

    High-frequency welding offers several unique advantages over other sealing methods, including:

    • Superior seal strength: Radio frequency welding creates a stronger seal than the actual materials. The result is a more durable bond that’s less likely to break, crack or tear apart.
    • Exceptional adaptability: Radio frequency welding is a highly adaptable process that can join two different types of materials, while many other sealing applications handle only materials that are similar in composition.
    • Airtight security: High-frequency welds are among the most secure options for bonding in manufacturing. These seals are airtight and watertight and are often more durable than bonds from other methods.
    • Cold-running equipment: The compression stage of the process works while running cold, providing more control over the weld and creating higher bond strength.
    • Lower tooling costs: Our solid-state welding machines seal with lower power and less arcing than conventional welders, meaning the tooling will last longer and provide higher-quality results.
    • Increased energy efficiency: High-frequency welders operate on significantly less energy than other types of welding machines, increasing savings on your utility bills.

    If you’re considering purchasing radio frequency sealing equipment for your operation, MarkPeri has you covered. We have been manufacturing the most innovative and technologically advanced welding machines for over four decades. If you have questions about our equipment, our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team stands ready to help.

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