3KRF High Frequency Solid State Technology

Medical RF Sealing and RF Welding MachinesMarkPeri’s 3KRF technology sets the standard for radio frequency welding with significantly shorter production times and less power consumption while producing the most precise welds. This world-class innovation provides more flexibility and benefits than conventional tube-style welding systems. The modularity and size of our 3KRF technology help create welding system designs that were never possible in the past.

What Is High-Frequency Welding?

High-frequency welding — also called radio-frequency or RF welding — involves bonding materials using electromagnetic energy. It works by combining indirect pressure and heat to join molecules in the material through homogenous bonds. The molecules in the materials oscillate and release thermal energy, realigning themselves based on the energy field’s polarity.

The molecules begin to melt when enough energy is present and eventually bond. No external heat is required. The system completes the weld by applying pressure to the sealed area, ensuring a successful bond.

Due to the fast setup times and quick-change tooling, 3KRF welding is perfect for manufacturing and higher-volume applications.


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    What Makes 3KRF Solid-State Welding Better?

    3KRF welding offers significantly more benefits than traditional welding processes. MarkPeri 3KRF technology allows for greater control over the tooling layout, weld quality, material thickness and machine consistency, creating a more durable and higher quality weld.

    3KRF welds stand up better to industry testing such as pull, optical and leak tests when determining the weld’s effectiveness and sealability.

    Examples of our 3KRF products include:

    • Belt-welding machines: The durable frame designs, programmable controls and quick tool changes are perfect for applications involving splices and flight welding for conveyors.
    • Front-loading shuttle machines: These machines feature a crystal oscillator that generates a specific power frequency to shorten feeding times.
    • Double-cycle turntable machines: The rotary system dramatically increases the speed of the entire process, while the double cycle eliminates the need for a second machine.

    Our engineering team can also help you design a unique RF welding system specific to your application.


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    The science behind our 3KRF High Frequency Solid State Technology starts with the generator the heart of the machine, by eliminating the oscillator tube we were able to utilize a special crystal based generator design that enables the user to the first ever closed loop RF welding system.

    This is integral to the sealing process giving the user the ability to make changes based on real time process monitoring. Our machines all come standard with the most advanced matching network in the industry. The 3KRF automatic tuning system runs throughout the entire cycle making quick accurate adjustment to maximize the power from the generator with little to no loss.

    In addition, 3KRF welders with solid state technology:

    • Operates at 27.12Mhz
    • 19” Rack Mount Design
    • Limits Arcing
    • Less Power Consumption
    • Validate able



    3KRF technology is the right choice for high-volume production houses seeking increased process automation. Many large multinational organizations employ the use of this technology for 24/7 high speed production systems. Whether you are in the market for a compact medical RF welding shuttle machinedouble-cycle turntable sealing machine, or complete inline system our equipment offers simple integration to any PLC.  Our experienced team will help determine which processing technique, equipment and tooling is right for your specific sealing application.

    Advantages of 3KRF HF WElding

    Additional advantages of our 3KRF state-of-the-art high frequency welding equipment includes:

    • Lower Tooling Expenses — Solid State welding machine that seals at a lower power with less arcing, the tooling used in the process will last longer and provide higher quality results.
    • Increased Weld Strength — Solid State welding equipment outperforms conventional machines by delivering consistent, controllable output power throughout the cycle. You get more impressive weld strength without wasting valuable time and resources adjusting to variable operating conditions.
    • Greater Energy Efficiency — Solid State welders operate on as much as 60% less power than tube style plastic sealers. Equipment comes available with a 25-pin connector that adds the ability to monitor the entire weld cycle in real time while the system manages power consumption with greater control over the power to the seal area. This enhanced control means the system does not fluctuate on power and will not produce energy spikes.
    • Precision power control: Since the system features more consistent control, you produce higher-quality welds without over-welding or under-welding. Improved consistency also means you’ll have a significantly lower product rejection rate.

    Applications for 3KRF Welding Technology

    3KRF high-frequency welding results in greater consistency and repeatable results. It’s ideal for medical applications ranging from sealing blood bags, urinary drainage bags and blood separation systems to manufacturing water mattresses and hazardous waste containment systems. This technology also works well for inline production, including fabricating shades, awnings and tarps.

    In addition to the medical field, 3KRF welding has become popular in the military, automotive, sports and recreation, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

    The most common material types that benefit from 3KRF welding include:

    • Vinyl.
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
    • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
    • Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG).
    • Barex.
    • Pliofilm (rubber hydrochloride).
    • Fabrics.
    RF Welded medical bags
    Medical Bags done with 3KRF Technology

    Why Choose MarkPeri?

    When you partner with MarkPeri for your RF welding needs, you benefit from world-class customer service, industry-best product knowledge and live technical support. Additional advantages of working with us include:

    • Access to an in-house service department with nearly an entire century of industry experience.
    • Fast and effective rebuild and reconditioning abilities and complete retrofit capabilities.
    • Flexible financing and multiple payment options for qualified customers.
    • Comprehensive warranties and extended options for all new and rebuilt systems.
    • Access to a comprehensive inventory of sealer parts, turntables, shuttles and indexing equipment.

    Contact MarkPeri for Industry-Leading RF Welding Machines Today

    Markperi is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented solid state 3KRF welding technology. For over 34 years, we’ve been pushing the envelope of innovation to provide competitively priced high-end welders and sealers that set the bar in the industry. If you have a bag sealing application for the medical industry or require a faster, more precise RF welding process, we offer a full range of solid state 3KRF welding machines featuring the very latest technology.

    Get in touch with us today for more information on solid state RF welders, PLC controlled systems and our complete selection of products, parts and services!

    3KRF is Made in the USA.  United States Patent: 7,012,232, 7,220,950, 7,586,071

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