RF Welding Applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

medical industries that use rf frequency welding

High demands for safe, clean and reliable handling of pharmaceutical products means that not just any type of packaging will do. If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable method to package pharmaceutical products for handling, storage, transportation and display, consider Radio Frequency Welding.

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RF welding fuses layers of thermoplastic materials to create a permanent seal that can be leak-, humidity- and temperature-resistant depending on your choice of materials.

Here at Mark Peri, we have decades of experience as a leader in RF equipment design and manufacturing and have satisfied the packaging needs of many customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our advanced RF welding technology can be applied to a wide range of thermoplastic materials to create unique packaging solutions that are adapted to the needs of your pharmaceutical products and production methods.

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    The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for their products in terms of health, safety and reliability. Due to the importance of cleanliness to avoid infection and keep patients safe, many manufacturing, sealing and joining solutions can’t be applied to pharmaceutical products.

    Choose RF welding for pharmaceutical products such as IV bags and other medical containment pouches and bags (for blood, plasma, human waste, etc.) and guarantee the functionality, cleanliness and compatibility of your products.

    What Makes RF Welding Suitable for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    RF welding, or sealing, joins two thermoplastic materials without the use of staples, glues, threads or other joining materials. This means you can choose and optimize your material choices for compatibility with medical products and avoid the risk of contamination, leakage or breakage.

    Depending on the materials you choose, your RF-welded pharmaceutical products can be airproof and waterproof and free of contaminants. Guarantee reliable sealing of your bags and fluid containment pouches and ensure that the end users — hospitals, clinics and patients — are getting the highest-quality product possible.

    Contact our team here at Mark Peri if you would like more information on how our RF welding solutions can work for your pharmaceutical needs. We can help you understand how RF welding works and create custom equipment that meets all of your criteria in terms of product design, performance and safety.