RF Generators and Matching Networks for Automation

RF generator machine

As a leading manufacturer of radio frequency plastic sealing equipment, MarkPeri has developed the technology behind the most reliable and precise RF generators on the market. Our sealing machines for industrial, automotive and medical product manufacturing deliver peerless welding results and last over time with little to no upkeep and maintenance.

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Whether you use traditional RF welders and sealers or require the advanced technology of solid state generators for 3KRF equipment, we offer a complete range of products to meet your needs. No matter the size and scope of the operation or type of product being produced, we offer the full range of new and cost-effective used and rebuilt RF welding and sealing solutions. Give us a call today to learn more about the RF generator, our proprietary solid state generator technology and ultra-efficient RF welding automation.

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    The generator of a basic RF sealer or solid state radio frequency sealer is an integral component in the precision welding process. Essentially a radio transmitter, the RF generator is comprised of a power supply, an oscillator and operator controls. Radio-frequency-wave power is generated, as opposed to radio signals, which in turn heats the area where plastic is applied in the sealing process.


    Since 1981, MarkPeri has been responsible for pushing innovation in the radio frequency welding industry. Our patented 3KRF generator uses solid state technology to produce a high-quality product suitable for most medical applications. From faster cycle times and reduced power consumption to less material loss, it’s a game-changer in achieving operational efficiency.

    The solid state generator in our 3KRF welding machines is designed to continually produce a pre-set amount of resistance during the sealing process and offers the ability to monitor capabilities throughout the cycle. It is designed with a crystal oscillator that enhances the ability to produce an extremely precise frequency, and it’s also a more stable option than a tube style conventional sealing machine.

    3KRF solid state generators:

    • Come with standard 15- or 25-pin connectors
    • Offer variable frequency
    • Are air- or water-cooled
    • Feature coax output, 208/ 480vac, 300-watt to 50kW output power and a 19-inch rack mount


    We’ve developed automation friendly solid state generator technology. This makes it possible for us to create a welding machine custom configured to your specific applications. Systems are:

    • Compact in size
    • Use less power than standard RF generator machines
    • Can be integrated with a PLC

    If you’re an automation house searching for a way to control costs and improve delivery time, MarkPeri solid state generator 3KRF sealing machines are capable of putting your capabilities on the cutting edge.

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