RF Welding for Auto Manufacturers

Many parts and components used in auto manufacturing require solid seams to ensure their safe, long-lasting performance.

Radio frequency welding for automobiles is widely used to achieve this important manufacturing objective. RF welding is an advanced manufacturing technique that relies on electromagnetic energy to bond the manufacturing materials without the use of an external heat source. An impenetrable seal is created by applying a precise amount of pressure to the bonded area.

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Comparing RF Welding Solutions To Other Sealing Solutions

RF welding can help manufacturers produce parts that are safer, more comfortable and even more visually appealing. Parts that can benefit from RF welding can be found from bumper to bumper in today’s automobiles. Examples include door panels, sun visors, floor mats and map pockets, as well as various textile inserts, instrument panel components, air bags, convertible hoods and a wide range of specialty applications.

Our automotive welders are used for manufacturing a wide variety of automotive products. In many applications, RF welders not only produce a stronger, more attractive and longer-lasting seal than other conventional techniques, but they also offer a faster and more efficient production method. They reduce cycle times, material loss and energy consumption. View Automotive Welders >>

RF Welding Equipment From MarkPeri

If your business is automotive parts manufacturing, MarkPeri offers state-of-the-art RF welding systems that can meet your unique production requirements. We feature a wide selection of automotive RF welders that make use of advanced plastic sealing technology. This technology can provide a strong, attractive and lasting seal, while also increasing the speed and efficiency of your entire manufacturing process. Other key benefits of our automotive radio frequency solutions include less material loss, lower energy consumption and reduced cycle times.

We Can Provide Custom Automotive Radio Frequency Solutions for Your Business

 At MarkPeri, we understand that no two automotive manufacturers are exactly alike, and each has its own unique production requirements. That’s why offer custom automotive radio frequency solutions that can be configured for your specific applications. We have the ability to adapt or modify any of our stock RF welding equipment as needed. Whether you choose a stock or custom welding machine, you’re assured of getting reliable equipment that will always create a strong, durable plastic seal.

We’re a Full-Service Automotive Radio Frequency Solutions Provider

When you choose MarkPeri for radio frequency welding for automobiles, you also get the benefit of a manufacturer that is committed to delivering superior customer service. Our staff includes experienced field engineers who can handle all your RF welding system installation and repair needs. You also get live support from knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer all your questions and address your concerns in a timely manner. Flexible financing options are available to qualified buyers to make the RF welding equipment purchase friendly to even the tightest budgets.

Save Money by Purchasing Refurbished Automotive RF Welding Equipment

Speaking of budgets, MarkPeri offers top-quality used automotive RF welding equipment that will allow you to cut costs without cutting corners. All of our used welding systems have been expertly refurbished to deliver excellent performance and remarkable value for your money.

For more information about our automotive RF welding equipment and services, simply fill out and submit our convenient online contact form. We’ll provide a prompt response to your inquiry.


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