Traditional RF Sealing Technology



Markperi is a leading manufacturer of traditional RF machines ranging from 1.2kW to 100kW. Our ability to manufacture cutting-edge RF welding equipment comes from the team of skilled electrical, mechanical and RF engineers that are constantly pushing the envelope in developing state-of-the-art solutions.

No matter the type of product or size, or your budget, we have the technology to exactly meet your RF sealing equipment requirements. MarkPeri offers a broad selection of traditional RF welding equipment which includes stand alone, shuttle systems and Turntables for higher production rates. We can  offer custom design to deliver equipment that’s designed, modified or adapted to your specific needs.

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Industry Applications

MarkPeri radio frequency sealing equipment is integral in:

  • Industry Manufacturing — Our MarkPeri RF welders are a valuable asset in the manufacturing and sealing of a variety of high-quality products. Common packaging applications include everything from blister sealing and clam shell sealing to sealing clear fold boxes and loose-leaf binders. Whether you make photo albums, checkbooks, id tag holders, pool liners, inflatable toys or camping accessories, our radio frequency sealers help get the job done fast and effectively.
  • Medical Products — The medical industry relies on 3KRF technology welders used in sealer applications on materials such as PVC, EVA or polyurethane. These specialized, high-end radio frequency sealing machines reduce power consumption and welding times while delivering increased precision in manufacturing items such as blood bags, blood separation systems, blood pressure cuffs, in vitro feeding bags and a wide variety of other medical products.
  • Automotive Applications — There are many items used in automotive manufacturing that call for RF sealing to ensure long-lasting and safe performance. Our RF equipment helps seal parts for the automotive industry such as door panels, sun visors, heel pads and floor mats. From convertible tops to embossed upholstery, MarkPeri technology is integral in achieving the strong and durable seal required.


For more than 34 years, we’ve been pushing the envelope in developing increasingly effective RF sealing machines and technology. It’s our goal to build long-term relationships with customers in the automotive, industrial manufacturing and medical industry by delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions. Along with our full selection of RF welders and sealers, we also carry an array of economical used and rebuilt product options.

When you partner with MarkPeri, you benefit from superior product knowledge, customer service and live technical support. Additional advantages of ordering RF sealers from us include:

  • In-house service department with over three-quarters of a century industry experience
  • Complete retrofit capabilities as well as fast and effective rebuild and reconditioning
  • Multiple payment options and flexible financing for qualified customers
  • Available two-year and three-year extended warranty programs for all rebuilt systems
  • Wide variety of sealer parts, shuttles, turntables and indexing equipment

Ready to take your plastic joining operation to the next level? Give us a call or connect via email to inquire about our innovative line of MarkPeri sealing equipment today.

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