About Us

MarkPeri International started in 1982 when we thrust ourselves into the RF welding marketplace. The MarkPeri difference is more than our many years of experience manufacturing RF Sealing equipment and systems. It is more than the variety of solutions we offer our customers rather than just selling off the shelf solutions. The MarkPeri difference is our commitment, philosophy and mission to provide the best RF Sealing solutions and becoming a trusted partner with our customers.

Our Passion at MarkPeri

We are passionate about offering unparalleled service to our customers. We at MarkPeri strive to make your RF equipment buying experience the best it can be. We are the technological leader with our solid state 3KRF line of generators and presses.

In addition, we carry a line of tube style RF machines to fit every budget. From our new machines that are designed specifically for each market to our large used inventory that can be a low cost entry to the RF world. We sell and service every make and model of RF equipment.

Put Our Years of Experience To Work For You

Our many years of application experience and market knowledge led us to develop the Solid State 3KRF next generation product. It has proven invaluable in solving the most difficult RF applications. Our team of RF experts have helped companies easily integrate the solid state system into their automation lines. 3KRF has installed hundreds of this new technology and continues to improve the product line on an ongoing basis. Our models range from 1 KW all the way up to 30 KW to accommodate most RF applications.

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