RF Welding for the Medical Industry


Contamination prevention is a critical consideration when manufacturing any type of medical equipment or device.

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At MarkPeri, we take this concern seriously. We offer a wide selection of state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) welding equipment, also known as dielectric welding equipment, that enables manufacturers of medical equipment to create airtight, hermetic seals that prevent leakage and maximize sterility in products such as oxygen bags, mattress covers, contaminant bags for intravenous drugs and bodily fluid samples and pressure cuffs for blood pressure machines.


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    RF Applications in the Medical Field

    The use of medical RF sealing equipment offers a number of important advantages over other types of sealing technologies. When compared to gluing, RF welding for the medical industry can produce the seal in a much shorter time and without the use of toxic solvents. It also eliminates the burning that can often occur with hot air sealing, while also achieving a tighter bond. In addition, using medical RF sealing equipment typically provides a tighter seal than sewing, preventing the penetration of potentially damaging air, moisture and contaminants.

    Specific medical applications for radio frequency welding include:

    Kidney Dialysis Machines

    Kidney dialysis machines must contain the patient’s blood for hours at a time during treatment. RF welding machines construct durable machinery, including the exterior and the intricate interior workings. These seals are crucial, as dialysis machines operate for long hours multiple times a week.

    IV Bag Machines

    IV bags carry liquid that enters a patient directly. Other sealing methods can produce toxins or contaminate IV devices. Our RF medical services machine can produce a clean seal quickly. RF sealing is durable and prevents issues that result in wasted resources.

    Medical Disposables

    Single-use medical devices cover many operations within the human body, including IVs, blood transfusions, enteral feeding devices, fluid management and endo catch bags. These items, usually pouches, must be sealed appropriately to prevent contamination and fluid loss during transfer and use. These items are part of routine operations, so having quality materials is essential to avoid interruptions.

    Medically Designed Air Cushions

    Medical air cushions rely on pressurized air to create a comfortable material for sitting or standing. Without a proper seal, the pressurized air could leak out of the cushion and reduce its effectiveness. RF welding prevents any air from escaping before, during or after inflation.

    Medical Mattresses

    Medical mattresses in patient rooms have specific objectives. The material significantly lowers the risk of bedsores and keeps patients comfortable during any treatment. These beds handle multiple patients, requiring a solid material seal to keep them secure between cleanings and usage.

    Surgical Mattresses 

    Mattresses used in surgical rooms have unique features that help doctors and staff monitor the patient. Surgical mattresses help regulate the patient’s body temperature during operation. RF welding is superior to industrial sewing, ensuring the mattress can endure many surgeries.

    With the many uses for an RF medical services machine listed above, there are plenty of ways to incorporate RF welding into medical tool construction. Medical sealing from MarkPeri can elevate any medical equipment’s quality immediately.

    Medical Equipment Sealing with RF Welding

    medical-shuttles-mark-periMarkPeri is your one-stop headquarters for the most innovative, efficient RF weld/sealing equipment for the medical industry on the market. We have the ideal system for applications such as welding, laminating, preheating, bonding and heat sealing. When used in metal manufacturing applications, our revolutionary 3KRF front-loading welding machine will help you produce your devices and equipment with greater speed and efficiency.

    Our 3RKF welding machine maintains steady energy throughout every operation to control wattage and generate consistent outputs. The precision power control allows the operator to manage the output and create the perfect seal with any material. The 3RKF does not fluctuate on power, so you can monitor your energy usage easily and maintain a constant energy line. The 3RKF is intended for medical equipment construction, so it was designed with sterilization and quality in mind.

    Our medical RF sealing equipment makes use of solid-state technology. Solid-state RF welders enable the manufacturing of superior products with much less material loss than other manufacturing processes. Other benefits of our solid-state equipment include the implementation of crystal oscillator technology that eliminates the need for tubing and precalibration, increased precision and enhanced seam strength, reduced arcing, higher tooling efficiency and decreased maintenance requirements.  View Medical Shuttles >> 

    Benefits of Dielectric Welding for the Medical Industry

    Since 1981, MarkPeri International has been committed to providing the best possible RF welding/sealing solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries. Our many years of experience allows us to develop, manufacture and sell RF products that can provide the answer for your most daunting medical equipment manufacturing challenges. We also strive to deliver world-class service to every customer, regardless of size or project scope. We partner with our customers to provide customized RF sealing systems that meet their unique manufacturing requirements. In addition to our new equipment, we also offer an assortment of top-quality used RF sealing equipment that is perfect for cost-conscious manufacturers.

    MarkPeri & Medical Equipment Sealing

    When it comes to RF welding for the medical industry, MarkPeri has the experience and expertise to help you acquire the medical RF sealing equipment you need to meet your productivity and profitability goals. You can learn more about our RF welding products and services and let us know about your specific equipment requirements by taking a few minutes to fill out and submit our online contact form.