RF Welding for Footwear

In the past several years, radio frequency (RF) technology has revolutionized footwear production with a cheaper and safer method than traditional heating techniques like glue. High frequency (HF) welding is a heat joining method that fuses pieces together to become one with an impenetrable seal through molecular friction.

RF welding technology such as the equipment offered by MarkPeri can provide several benefits to boost your footwear production.

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    Benefits of RF Welding for Shoes

    HF welding for footwear has several benefits for the design and appearance of shoes.

    Traditional shoes have layered material with overlapping stitches that create a weak spot where the athlete’s heel rubs against the surface. RF welding makes this potential weak spot extra strong and ultra-thin with the durability of hiking shoes and the stylish appearance of sports shoes. In fact, high frequency welding can use several types of plastic, including PVC, TPU, EVA and nylon.

    The RF welding process does not use an open flame, uses less fuel and can complete a weld in a fraction of a second. Overall, then, this approach is safer, cheaper and faster than methods such as glue.

    Uses of HF Welding Equipment to Make Footwear

    RF welders come in a wide variety of sizes to fit different applications. A tabletop size is perfect for creating logos for footwear and a machine that is a square meter can produce an entire shoe.

    Take, for example, a sneaker made with synthetic suede. An iron press would bond the back of the material with a sheet of thin, hot melt film. Then, an RF welding machine would press a pattern for the vamp, which covers the foot, into the suede. Another RF machine would press the shape of a saddle eye into a different piece of suede.

    The manufacturer makes a cut out of the vamp’s shape from the suede material at this stage. The mesh material and the saddle eye row become welded to the vamp when melting action occurs for the hot melt film. The vamp then goes through a shaping process and the manufacturer bonds it to the sole of the shoe and its heel.

    This illustration is just one example of how RF welding machines can help manufacturers construct stylish, durable shoes.

    Contact Us for Custom RF Welding Equipment for Shoes

    MarkPeri can help you optimize your footwear production with custom RF welding equipment. We’ll walk with you through the process and analyze your sketches, photos, or 2D and 3D CAD models to figure out the best solution for you. Then, we’ll create a timeline for production on your equipment and construct your machinery with transparent communication every step of the way.

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