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If you work with or are thinking of working with PVC, you are not alone. Rigid and flexible PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most popular thermoplastics, prized for its strength, appearance and great resistance to fire, oil and other environmental hazards.

PVC is used in manufacturing products such as tents, billboards, awnings and tarps. If you are in or considering getting into one of these manufacturing areas, one of the challenges you face is how to effectively join two pieces of PVC. PVC welders must be able to effectively seal your materials together without damaging the fabric or creating a noticeable seam. MarkPeri provides industry-leading PVC RF welding equipment that is durable, reliable, and effective. Contact us directly today so we can learn more about your specific equipment needs and provide a lasting solution.

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    What Is Flexible PVC?

    While many consumers identify PVC as the white, brittle material commonly found in piping and hardware, flexible PVC has become increasingly popular in heavy fabric manufacturing, specifically for outdoor applications that require excellent weather and moisture resistance. Flexible PVC is softer and more bendable than rigid PVC because of added plasticizers like phthalates.

    Flexible PVC can take the form of nearly any color, from transparent to opaque. Adjusting the composition of the plasticizers allows PVC manufacturers to achieve a diverse range of flexibility properties. In addition to tents, awnings and tarps, other popular applications for flexible PVC include:

    • Pool liners.
    • Flooring.
    • Garden hoses.
    • Rain gear.
    • Automotive interior trim.
    • Imitation leather.
    • Inflatable products.

    Manufacturers prefer flexible PVC for its superior strength, high abrasion resistance and exceptional clarity. PVC’s low electrical conductivity makes it perfect for radio frequency welding. The seal is airtight, watertight and resistant to tears, ensuring the manufactured product remains durable through many years of use.

    Radio Frequency Bar Welders as PVC Fabric Welding Equipment

    If you are in a manufacturing business that uses PVC and need an effective plastic welding machine, we believe that you will find Radio Frequency bar welders to be the perfect answer. At MarkPeri, we have sold countless RF bar welding machines, including high-quality refurbished machines that work like new, to companies that work with PVC and other thermoplastics.

    The process is simple. Our machines use heated bars to soften the PVC at the point of joining and seal them together using the pressure of the bar against the thermoplastic. The machine generates the heat needed using radio waves in much the same way your microwave uses wave radiation to safely and effectively heat the foods you eat. The machine’s plates apply constant pressure to ensure a secure seal.

    This process is highly controllable because heat is only generated when the current is on, meaning other materials are not at risk of overheating. This enhanced control allows for prolonged plate pressure, resulting in a stronger bond. Many businesses depend on our bar welding equipment when they need the sturdiest seals to withstand resistance and high moisture levels.

    MarkPeri offers a diverse range of bar welding machines containing bar lengths from 36-72 inches, providing flexibility for manufacturing various product types. We also furnish systems with higher power capacities for heavier duty applications. Our engineers can also help you custom design a system specifically geared toward your operation.

    Benefits of RF Bar Welders For Plastic Welding

    Why are RF bar welders so popular for PVC welding, as well as for other types of industrial fabric welding? There are a number of reasons:

    1. Cost– Our RF bar welders are highly affordable, especially if you choose one of our more economical refurbished RF bar welding machines.
    2. Safer for Your Material– The process of RF bar welding is designed to maximize sealing while minimizing the likelihood of damaging other parts of your material.
    3. Environmental Concerns– Welding your PVC with one of our RF bar welders will not generate any toxic smoke that could damage the environment.
    4. Increased efficiency: RF bar welders are significantly faster than many conventional forms of welding, including hot air welding.
    5. Results– The end result of sealing PVC with an RF bar welder is a smooth, streamlined product that you will be proud to show your customers.

    Reasons Why MarkPeri Is a Leading PVC Welding Machine Manufacturer

    At MarkPeri, one of our primary goals is to stay ahead of the competition by offering the market’s most innovative welding techniques and equipment. We strive to build long-term partnerships with companies from all industries by furnishing the most efficient and cost-effective welding and sealing solutions. In addition to our comprehensive selection of RF welders, we also offer an entire line of parts and accessories to increase your production levels.

    The advantages you’ll experience when partnering with us include:

    • Technical expertise: With nearly a century of combined experience, our in-house technicians and engineers are among the industry’s most knowledgeable and skilled experts.
    • Refurbishing: Our facility has the tools and equipment to rebuild and recondition used equipment, plus retrofitting capabilities to upgrade existing machinery.
    • Flexible financing: Our financing team helps all qualified customers tailor a payment plan specific to their budgets.
    • Comprehensive warranties: We offer warranties on all our new, refurbished and used welding systems, ensuring your equipment will provide many years of reliable service. Extended warranties are also available.
    • Replacement parts: We stock many parts and accessories to repair or upgrade your welders and sealing equipment, including turntables, shuttles and indexers.

    MarkPeri International 3KRF Is Your Trusted Provider of PVC Welding Equipment

    Making the decision to purchase RF bar welders for your manufacturing company is often a wise decision, but it’s important that you find the right supplier for your RF bar welders to get the best results. We can say with confidence that you can trust 3KRF from MarkPeri International. With over three decades under our belt supplying high-quality RF welding machines to businesses, our reputation is one you can count on.

    Let us help you find the right PVC welding machine for your business. We have a wide range of options to suit virtually any company’s needs and budget. To find the right RF welding machines for you, contact us today.

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