Belt Splicing RF Welders

Belt Splicing RF Welders

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Whether you’re manufacturing packaging equipment, mail transportation systems or industrial-strength conveyor belts, our MarkPeri 3KRF machines are capable of more precise welding and sealing of plastic materials so that you can enjoy a stronger, more durable and longer-lasting seal.

As a leader in the plastic welding and sealing industry and inventor of solid state RF technology, MarkPeri offers cutting-edge solutions for belting manufacturers. We designed our 3KRF equipment with a crystal oscillator that delivers a very accurate frequency for greater control over the welding process. The solid state technology is 97% efficient — effectively lowering the amount of power necessary for welding by as much as 60%. Little to no arcing means a higher quality seal and longer-lasting tooling life to reduce waste and overall expenses.

MarkPeri has developed a 3KRF welder for the belting industry that opens the door to new levels of design flexibility and production capabilities. The result is a solid state RF sealing machine that dramatically reduces the time it takes to weld flights and cleat used for conveyor belt purposes. It’s also specifically designed to speed the process of doing belt splices and belt sidewalls integral to numerous industrial and agricultural applications.

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    Standard features of our 3KRF Belt splicing welders include:

    • Heavy duty design — The rugged E-frame design of our belt splicing welders stands up to heavy use and requires little to no maintenance. It also limits press deflection for a more stable and efficient overall process.
    • Programmable control — 3KRF welders and sealers are available with simple PLC integration that opens the door to superior technology with improved cost, delivery time and technical support. Users can actually monitor the power frequency being delivered to the sealing area throughout the cycle.
    • Faster tool changes — Optional quick-change tooling dramatically reduces feed-in times to maximize productivity. Production output can be exponentially increased based on how many units are being loaded each cycle and the work capacity of operators on the floor.


    Precision belt splicing and welding are crucial elements in manufacturing long-lasting, high-quality products for a wide range of industries. Our knowledgeable team will help analyze your needs to identify the right belt splicing RF welders for your application. Either order MarkPeri solid state RF equipment available in a standard size that fits most belts or have us custom design a press for your specific belting application.


    If you’re searching for radio frequency plastic sealing technology that can lower production costs and ramp up productivity, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the quality, selection and advanced technology you require backed by exceptional customer service and support. Give us a call or get in touch via email today for additional information on our complete line of belt splicing RF welder machines.