RF Welding Applications for Packaging & Material Handling

3KRF Technology

Radio Frequency welding, or RF welding, has long been popular for packaging and material handling. This advanced method for creating packaging solutions for transportation can be adapted to any size and shape of object that needs to be protected during handling and storage.

What you might not know is just how many different uses there are for RF-welded plastics in packaging and material handling. These go beyond regular packaging and include many unique and flexible solutions for intelligent and safe movement of many types of materials, products and equipment, including captured blister sealing.

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Captured Blister Sealing & Material Handling Uses

You can consider RF welding for a wide variety of packaging, material handling and sealing applications:

  • Protecting items that are oddly shaped or have sharp corners and features
  • Securing parts that have sensitive moving components (such as medical equipment)
  • Creating covers and packaging for temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Ensuring cleanliness and dust/humidity protection for parts and finished products
  • Fabricating tarps, curtains and other plastic materials used in transportation and handling

At Mark Peri, we have the needs of the packaging and material handling industry covered. Our RF welding equipment gives you the flexibility to create custom packaging solutions that suit your products, materials and equipment. Don’t adapt your packaging to suit your handling and transportation methods. Instead, let us create the perfect RF-welded sealing method that meets your requirements in terms of protection, value, safety and consistency.

Other Advantages of Radio Frequency Welding

When you choose an RF welding solution for your material handling application, you’re opting for a flexible and adaptable packaging method that covers jobs ranging from small individual parts to huge pieces of equipment being transported in large trucks or containers. You can use our RF technology to weld various types of plastics and other fusible materials for a reliable seal that keeps your products protected and secured during various shipping, transportation and handling operations. Contact our team here at Mark Peri for more information on how our Radio Frequency Welding solutions can work for your material handling and packaging needs and we’ll answer all of your questions. We can also provide you with a demonstration of how our advanced RF welding systems work and will prove to you that RF is the way to go for your materials, products and equipment.

Information on Other RF Welding Technologies & Equipment

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