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Order Medical Shuttle Equipment What is 3KRF Technology?

When it comes to RF welding equipment for the medical industry, MarkPeri is a leading source of the most innovative and effective products on the market.

We design, manufacture and sell medical solutions using new RF welding technology developed by our own in-house team of electrical, mechanical and RF engineers. The patented solid state technology of our 3KRF welding shuttle machine helps medical manufacturers operate faster and more efficiently. Whether you require a 3KRF front loading shuttle machine medical bag sealer or double-cycle sealing equipment used for welding bags with tubes sealed into them, we have you covered. Common medical products made with our system include medical pouches, blood and IV bags, waste collection bags, enema bags and more. If your products require heat sealing, welding, bonding, drying or preheating, our 3KRF welding shuttle can optimize your output quality by streamlining your accuracy and cycle times.

We’re capable of custom manufacturing compact medical RF welders based on your exact specifications and application requirements. Our medical RF sealing equipment is also available with a quick-change feature that dramatically reduces the time required for a tooling change.

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    MarkPeri RF medical equipment is designed with 3KRF generators that use a crystal oscillator to transmit an incredibly precise and controllable signal. Using the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal, the solid state welder is more stable than traditional tube style sealing equipment. Features include:

    A critical aspect of medical RF welding technology is the ability to monitor capabilities during the cycle and make adjustments for improved accuracy. Our medical RF welding shuttle machines can be configured for automatic or manual modes, offer the ability to pre-position capacitors and deliver high power motor drive circuitry for maximum reliability.



    Solid state is a new RF welding technology suitable for sealing disposable medical products. In addition to serving as an ultra-effective medical bag sealer, medical RF welding is also a crucial element in the production of everything from pulsating air mattresses and water mattresses to patient ID tags and bracelets, stretcher covers, bed covers and more.

    From IV bags and air-inflated splints to environmental chambers and hazardous waste containment systems, nothing gets the job done like MarkPeri medical RF sealing equipment. The science behind medical RF welders with solid state technology makes it possible to produce an exceptional quality product while incurring far less material loss. Additional benefits include:

    • One-of-a-kind die protection system and auto tuning for easy use
    • Crystal oscillator technology that eliminates tubes and pre-calibration
    • Minimal maintenance requirements and simple-to-master controls
    • Improved welding precision and seam strength for higher quality and shorter cycles
    • 97% power efficiency with greater control of power distributed to the welding area
    • Lower power sealing resulting in minimal arcing and more efficient tooling




    Solid state technology developed by MarkPeri is a game changer for medical applications involving inline automated machinery. Find out more today about our ability to custom manufacture a 3KRF solid state compact medical welding shuttle machine for your business by phone or online today and we’ll do our utmost to assist you!

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