Captured Blister Sealing Machines

Blister packaging made with RF welders

In today’s crowded marketplace, packaging is everything. Today’s consumers are inundated with choice, and how your product is packaged could make the difference between whether a customer chooses your item or someone else’s. The right packaging equipment also determines how well-protected your products are from the time of manufacture to the time they reach the consumer.

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Having your own captured blister packing machines can save you money and help you better control the distribution of your product to the consumer.

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    What Is a Captured Blister Sealing Machine? 

    A captured blister sealing machine, also known as a blister sealer, is designed specifically to create blister packaging, securely locking your product in a plastic clamshell or blister pack until the customer opens it. Only these machines can create this type of packaging. Blister packaging is used for many different consumer goods, most notably pill and medicine packages as well as batteries, toothbrushes, and much more!

    How Does a Blister Packaging Machine Work?

    Once you have the right blister packaging machine and materials, using it is simple. Just load your package into the machine. The plastic blisters seal your product automatically. Little maintenance or regulation is needed — the machine essentially does it all. You can load product after product into the machine for multiple production batches and see perfectly sealed packages come out every time.

    There are a number of different ways your automated captured blister machine can package your products; the different types of blister packaging equipment include:

    • Clamshell Sealers: Clamshell packages seal two pieces of plastic using two sealing stations, one to heat the plastic and the other to chill it once the pieces are joined. These packages are known to be very secure, ensuring the protection of the product and deterring package pilferage for high-value items.
    • Traditional/Full-Face Blisters: These heat-seal your product using a heated plate and pressure to seal.
    • Captured Blisters: They use heat and pressure or pressure only to seal one card to the other.

    What Are the Benefits of Having Your Own Blister Packing Machine?

    A blister packaging machine gives you full control over your products, how they look and how well-protected they are for your customers. With a customizable blister packaging machine, you can secure products for transit, make your items appear more pristine, improve your branding and visibility, and even create individual compartments, such as for portioning out medicine.

    Where To Purchase a Blister Packaging or Clamshell Sealing Machine

    If you are ready for a blister packaging machine of your own for your business, contact 3KRF, a division of MARKPERI International, Inc. We have decades of experience manufacturing heat sealing technology, including a variety of radio-frequency sealing equipment technologies. Our reputation in the fields of RF welding machines for packaging and HF welding machines for packaging is unmatched. We are confident that we can find a blister packaging machine that will fit your company’s packaging needs and budget.

    We offer both brand-new, state-of-the-art custom-designed heat-sealing machines and high-quality used heat-sealing equipment that is highly effective at generating superior packaging seals at a lower cost.

    We are well-known for our superior products and commitment to customer service. We would love to help you with any and all of your blister packaging needs right now. Please call us today at 516-208-6824 or contact us online to learn more.

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