RF Welding for Conveyor Belts

Radio frequency (RF) welding is an essential process in welding together conveyor belts. RF welding creates a tight bond between thermoplastic materials, such as those found in conveyor belts. Unlike traditional welding, RF welding does not apply heat directly to the item. RF welding creates an electromagnetic field around the materials, which causes the polar molecules to oscillate and generate heat and melt together.

MarkPeri is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art radio frequency welding equipment that allows conveyor belt manufacturers to create products for distribution. RF welding for the conveyor industry is a vital application of our equipment.

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    Conveyor Belt Sealing With RF Welding

    Conveyor belt manufacturing requires superior technology to meet industry standards. We have a range of RF welding equipment to suit varying materials and applications. Our product line includes:

    • 3KRFThe 3KRF utilizes a crystal-based generator, which is the latest in RF technology. This produces a closed-loop welding system so you can create real-time modifications as needed.
    • Heat sealingOur heat sealing equipment works well with materials that do not respond to traditional RF methods.
    • Bar weldersOur bar welders are used to seal long seams for items like tarps or conveyor belts.

    Our machinery is equipped to handle any conveyor application of radio frequency welding.

    Benefits of Dielectric Welding for Conveyor Belts

    Radio frequency welding machines for conveyor equipment make it easy to create and distribute conveyor belts. An RF conveyor services machine can produce a tighter seal than traditional sealing methods, and it does so in a shorter amount of time.

    MarkPeri equipment:

    • Provides consistent results with each product.
    • Creates durable seams on each belt.
    • Replaces other welding, sewing or gluing methods.
    • Handles different project sizes and scopes.

    In addition, RF-created seals are water, dust and contamination proof, so external materials can not harm the seal once it is created. The 3KRF welding machine will accomplish these benefits and more and leave you with impenetrable seals for your conveyor products.

    MarkPeri and Conveyor Welding

    Since 1981, we have helped businesses improve their strategy with advanced RF welding technology. MarkPeri welding equipment is built to withstand the demanding requirements of the conveyor assembly industry. We can help you find suitable machinery for your applications.

    Our RF sealing machinery can help you achieve your business goals and requirements. Find new and used equipment for RF welding and conveyor belt applications. For more information, contact us online today.