3KRF Inline Press

3KRF inline machine

The 3KRF Inline RF Machine is specially designed and built to be used in the production of medical products. It can be integrated easily into a complete automated line with simple I/O connections.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • H-Frame Press Design for limited deflection
  • Quick Change Tooling Cylinders for easy changeover
  • Electronic Pressure Regulator for air control through PLC
  • PLC controlled for easy integration
  • Spanish/English Menus
  • Short Stroke for faster cycle times
  • Stationary RF guarding limits wearing of standard guarding
  • Space saving design

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    About Inline RF Machine

    If you’ve ever donated blood to a hospital or blood bank, or you provided a urine sample for testing purposes, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the plastic bags used by the medical profession to collect bodily fluids. These intravenous (IV) fluid bags typically contain plastic tubes projecting from the top that facilitate the flow of the fluids into the bag. An essential component of the IV bag manufacturing process is the creation of a tight seal to hold the tube securely in place and prevent fluid leakage. An effective method for producing this seal is the implementation of radio frequency (RF) sealing technology.

    What Is RF Sealing Technology?

    One way to think of an RF sealing/welding system is to compare it to a microwave oven that “cooks” plastic instead of food. An RF sealing machine and a microwave oven both generate heat via high-power radio frequency waves. The major difference is that, with RF sealing, plastic material is placed in a pressing machine equipped with two dies that compress the material to create the desired shape and complete the seal. The combination of the pressure from the dies and the heat produced by the RF generator welds the plastic material together. With the microwave oven, food is placed between two electrodes that remain stationary during cooking.

    Using an Inline RF Machine for Medical Bag Sealing

    Medical bag sealing can be accomplished with an inline radio frequency press. An RF inline press is primarily designed for thermoplastic welding/sealing applications and features integrated RF technology. This produces an extremely strong, impenetrable weld that typically takes about a minute or so per bag to complete. A high-performing RF inline press can work well with a wide range of thermoplastic materials including PVC, PET, polyurethane and many others.

    Why Choose MarkPeri/3KRF for Your RF Medical Inline Press Needs?

    MarkPeri offers innovative inline RF machines for medical industry applications. Our 3KRF division produces an inline press featuring advanced RF technology. MarkPeri has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of RF sealing equipment and systems for more than three decades. Our continuing focus on product development has allowed us to remain at the forefront of RF sealing technology. We’re also passionate about providing superior service to our customers — we strive to make every inline RF machine purchasing experience the best it can be.

    We Also Offer Used/Refurbished Inline Radio Frequency Press Equipment

    If you’re on a tight budget and looking to minimize your equipment costs, consider our used and refurbished inline RF machines. We carry an extensive inventory of top-quality used equipment that can provide substantial savings over buying new. We also refurbish equipment and sell it at budget-friendly prices. Our highly skilled technicians go to great lengths to restore every piece of equipment to like-new condition.

    Contact Us to Learn More About Our RF Inline Press Solutions

    Discover the many benefits our inline RF machines can provide for your medical IV bag manufacturing operation. Contact MarkPeri for more information about our new, used and refurbished inline radio frequency press equipment today.