How to Choose the Best Heat Sealing Process for Your Application

Do you have experience with Radio Frequency Welding and are sure it would work for your products? Have you heard of RF but aren’t sure how it would suit your business? Are you just discovering RF welding for the first time and would like more information to learn what it’s all about?

In any of these cases, we can help!

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Talk to the RF Welding Experts

Mark Peri is an industry leader in RF welding equipment and processes and can create the perfect RF welding solution for your thermoplastic products and materials. To get started, we will discuss your materials, products and applications as well as your expectations.

Start by collecting the following information so we can help you choose a heat sealing process for your manufacturing:

  • Product Details: You can provide us with an example of an existing product or packaging material so we can determine if an RF welder is the right option. We can also work from sketches, photos or CAD models (2D and 3D).
  • Project Timeline: Create a project timeline so we can agree on major milestones and ensure that your RF welding equipment is ready for the start of production. This also allows us the time to source the right materials and perform trials and product validation.
  • Process Steps: Our team will walk you through the steps of an RF welding project. This includes a design and engineering phase, customer review and approval process, creation of a fabrication schedule, product validation, quality check and final production approval.

While no two RF welding projects are alike, these are the common steps we follow to ensure consistent performance and to guarantee a successful project. Together, we will go over these factors and confirm that RF welding is the right process for your product nature and application.

Contact our team here at Mark Peri today for more information. Our dedicated Radio Frequency Welding experts will determine the best RF sealing process for your business and give you confidence in the quality of your final product.


*Updated October 19, 2017