How Long Does an RF Weld Last?

Radio frequency — or RF — welding is a popular way to create a strong and durable seal for a large selection of materials, including PVC vinyl, polyurethane, PET and other types of plastics. Before you choose this method of joining, it’s important to know how long such a joint will last and what other advantages it offers.

Added Strength

With some joining methods, the seal you create is the weak point in the finished product and you can expect failure to eventually occur at the joined surfaces. That’s not the case with RF welding. Due to the nature of the RF weld, the strength of the joint is greater than that of the materials being joined. That’s because, during the fusing process, the two materials being joined — either similar or dissimilar — become thicker and heavier.

The electromagnetic waves that are used in the RF process to create heat and lightly melt the two surfaces in contact create a liquid phase between the two materials that, upon solidification, are fused into one material. The strength of your joint exceeds that of the parent materials. That means that you have a joint that is not only durable, but it’s also watertight and airtight.

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Many Uses for RF Welding

Thanks to this extreme strength and durability, our customers trust our RF welding for a variety of products, including:

RF welding can be adapted to just about any shape and create a reliable seal on many types of plastics, PVC vinyl, polyurethane, coated and laminated vinyls and other materials that have a high resistance to radio waves — and therefore heat up.

At MarkPeri, we can help you choose the right welding method for your materials, shapes and product volumes. The dies used for RF welding make them well suited to high-volume runs for fast and consistent welding, as well as guaranteed airtight and watertight results every time.

We can even help you choose the right materials for your application. Knowing that your RF-welded seal is the strongest link in your product means you can design according to the inherent strengths of your base materials, allowing for greater design flexibility and simplicity. Contact us today and our team will get to work creating the long-lasting RF seams you’re looking for.

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